Success Through Knowledge


The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of FMC Aerospace and was originally founded by Sara-Anne and Michael.  They are veterans and have served in the US Army. 

Sara-Anne is the President and also serves as the Chief Financial Officer.  She also brings with her extensive aviation knowledge along with a strong background in finance and IT. 

Michael is the Director of Training and is the technical expert of AMT Training.  He has over 20+ years as an Aircraft Mechanic and has risen to the ranks of Vice President and Director of Quality.

He is also a licensed Commercial Pilot for Helicopters.


The vision of AMT Training was to customize training and allow maintenance personnel to receive aircraft systems training in a remote or virtual environment whenever possible.  This was what Michael saw as the biggest delay and hurdle for many small businesses, was the training they were allowed and could afford to give to their employees.  That is why AMT was founded by Michael and Sara-Anne, to fix this gap in training for all operators big and small.

Since its founding AMT Training has now been acquired by FMC Aerospace and is used as their training provider in-house and still offers the same great training throughout the USA and Overseas.